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Check out a link to my most recent first author publication looking at the role of Māori dogs in Aotearoa New Zealand

Recent Publications and Conference Presentations

Pillay, P., Allen, M.S., Littleton, J., (2022). Canine companions or competitors? A multi-proxy analysis
of dog-human competition. J. Archaeol. Sci. 139, 105556.

Pillay, P., International Women’s Day, and Women’s History Month. Archaeology in New Zealand.

Emmitt, J., Pillay, P., Barrett, M., Middleton, S., Mackrell, T., Floyd, B., & Ladefoged, T. N. (2021). A
Comparison of Volumetric Reconstruction Methods of Archaeological Deposits Using Point-Cloud Data from Ahuahu, Aotearoa New Zealand. Remote Sensing, 13(19), 4015. MDPI AG. Retrieved from

Pillay, P (2021) Barking up the right tree. Tracking variation in diet, health and inter- specific
competition using a multi proxy approach on domestic dogs (kurī) in North Island, Aotearoa New Zealand. Presentation for the Auckland Archaeological Society.

Pillay, P., O’Neale, D., Jorgensen, A., and Ladefoged, T. (2021) An Intra-Island Social Network Analysis
of Obsidian on Ahuahu Great Mercury Island. Presented at the New Zealand Archaeological Association Conference 2021. Related URL.

Pillay, P. (2020). Representation in Archaeology Webinar. Archaeology in New Zealand 63(4).
Pillay P. O’Regan, G., Emmitt, J. (2020). Spatial Applications to Rock Art in the North Island of
Aotearoa New Zealand. Presented at the CAA Australasia Virtual Conference, 2020.

Pillay P, O’Regan, G., Emmitt, J., (2020) A Locational Analysis of Māori Rock Art in the North Island,
Aotearoa New Zealand. Webinar Presented to the Auckland Archaeology Association July 2020.

Pillay, P., O’Regan, G., Emmitt, J. (2020). A Locational Analysis of Rock Art in the
North Island, Aotearoa, New Zealand. Journal of Pacific Archaeology 11(1). Related URL.

Pillay, P. (2019). Reflections of an Archaeology Student on Ihumātao. UniNews August 2019. Related URL.

Pillay, P. (2018). Preservation vs. Culture- A Locational Analysis of North Island Rock Art.
Presented at the NZAA Annual Conference 2018, Auckland, New Zealand. Related URL.

Emmitt, J. J., Barrett, M., Pillay, P., Phillipps, R. (2018). Surveying multi-year excavations: Lessons
from Ahuahu. Presented at the NZAA Annual Conference 2018, Auckland, New Zealand. Related URL


Pillay, P., Barrett, M., Emmitt, J. J., Mackrell, T., and Phillipps, R. (22/6/2017). Data acquisition
and integration protocol on the Ahuahu/Great Mercury Island Archaeological Project. Poster presented at NZAA Annual Conference 2017, Thames, New Zealand. Related URL.

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